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The Other Side
Your mother is laying in a coffin. Ripped away from this world all too soon. You feel guilt, because you should have visited more. You should have called more. Oh the things your brain will make you feel guilty about... Why didn't you check the tires on her car? Why did you not make the special trip to the pharmacy and maybe avoid this tragic accident. Why did you not say "I love you" to her before she left?

You are half-way listening to the sermon and people that loved her; all the lives she touched in some way. The tears are falling now. How will you ever be able to talk to her again and to ask her advice or to tell her about your day? Does this day truly mark the end of my relationship with my mother?

We so often have times that we have lost loved ones that we did not have enough time with; those that we never got to say all we wanted to say to. We feel cut off forever from that person.

There's an unwritten chapter that few of us know... The souls of those we love do not dissipate with death. The essence of their being hang around.

Psychic mediums like myself can make contact with these souls. If you need or want to make a connection with someone from the other side, you can hire me to do so. I can also help you to learn to look for messages from them on your own. Let me help comfort you in your time of loss or despair.

What does a psychic medium reading consist of?

You tell me who you wish to connect with. I make the attempt to connect with them. if they are with you at that moment, I will know it. If they are not, I will be able to tell you who is. I can give you any messages you have from the other side.

These readings can be done in person or online. There are no barriers in the spirit world.

I also have experience with spiritual attachments, house hauntings, and house blessings.  Send me an email if you need this kind of help.
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