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Need Help With Health Or Medical Care?

One day you are twenty one, in the prime of your life. You can do anything. There is no task that you can not over come. You often think you are ten feet tall and bullet proof. You are blessed with good health and honestly, most of the time, your health is never a concern to you.

Then one day... your alarm is buzzing and you roll over to shut it up. You stretch out in bed and realize that you are now in your forties and your bones are beginning to hurt and your hair is greying. Wrinkles are beginning to visit.

You struggle out of bed and take note of how depressed you are to face the day when once you were excited. Your frame of mind is a cesspool of negativity. Your body is a whisper of what it was before. You look in the mirror and ask yourself "what happened?"

I can tell you what happened.....

You began to put yourself on the back burner. You traded your health for a dollar. You traded your sleep while burning the candle and both ends. Your exercise became the steps to and from your car when you went to work. Your diet became centered around the convenience of fast foods rather than healthy meals. You were unfamiliar with your chakras and reiki.

What are chakras?

The word chakra is Sanskrit for "spinning wheel." This word refers to a series of energy points that reside within our bodies. Each energy point is in control of areas of our emotional, physical and spiritual well being. For example, your heart chakra governs your emotions. If you have a block in this chakra, it can, and most likely will, cause issues in our relationships and hinder our self love.

There are seven main chakras in the body and for optimal health, they must all be flowing and spinning freely and clearly. Blockages in any areas can cause mood disorders, obesity, stress or anxiety. These are only a few of the many health issues that unbalanced or blocked chakras can cause. Over time, these take a toll on our physical bodies and our emotional and spiritual well being.

There's good news though. You can hire me to cleanse, clear and balance your chakras. I can also teach you how to care for your own chakras. The really cool thing about this is that it can be done online or in person. When it is done online, that is what is called distance healing. I connect to you on a psychic realm and am able to provide this service from any where in the world. I also have a private office in the foot hills of the Ozarks of Dover, Arkansas if you prefer an in-person session.

What does a session consist of?

Good question!

  • You will receive a consultation with me. We will cover your troubled areas and you will be sent home with a care package of how  to manage your chakras on your own.

  • You will receive the actual cleansing and balancing by sitting or lying comfortably while a series of sage, music and energy work is performed.

  • Your Chakras will be balanced.

  • Your will receive a Reiki treatment.

  • You may decide on a Reiki Attunement before you leave. This can be added at an additional cost.

  • These services can be provided online or in person.

Order an in-person or online session with me now!

Sessions  $75.00