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Need Help With Finances Or Career?

Are you on "fire" for the way you make your money? Does every dollar you make come from a source that makes you excited to live?


Give yourself a pat on the back for figuring out the secrets to living within your means and making money in a way that stimulates and fulfills you. If you are happy, you do not need me. However if your answer was a resounding:


Then you may have fallen into the pit where you have found that you have to get up in the morning and go to a boring job that you despise and that has never fulfilled you. One that you have just to make money that will never stretch as thin as it needs to.

You have found the rat race.

Perhaps you are suffering from unemployment.  Maybe your current job does not fulfill you. If this is the case maybe I can help you, like I helped a client named Andy.

Andy was like the rest of us. He was living from day to day, unhappy and unfulfilled with where he was working. He found himself living pay check to pay check. He was miserable. Luckily Andy found me and we did a reading to see what might be the problem. We found out that Andy was too afraid to go after what he really desired. He was a family man and needed the security of a regular paycheck. However, his true dream was to start a business for himself. Andy was not totally shipwrecked, he was just going about achieving his dreams in a wrong way.

We set up a plan for Andy to follow. One that didn't give up his day job, until he had his own business secure and stable. In less then a year, Andy went from a pay-check-to-pay-check unhappy individual, to an outstanding business owner in a field he was passionate about. Last I heard from Andy, he was vacationing in Florida with his wife and children.

If you can relate to Andy, then maybe I can help you too!

What does an appointment with me get you?

  • A look into the spirit world to see what your soul truly seeks to do.

  • A glance into what has created blockages for your soul to be successful.

  • Determine what steps need to be completed to reach your true happiness.

  •  A game plan designed with affirmations, goals and steps of actions for you to follow.

  • All at an affordable price!

  • This reading can be done in person or online.

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Readings $ 40.00