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You Just Never Know

Posted on November 29, 2014 at 9:30 PM

For those of you who do not know, I am currently going to College. I am a double Psychology / Sociology major. I have one professor that asked us at the beginning of the semester, if we have ever been to a psychic. Of course, I raised my hand, he raised his hand, and then proceeded to tell us how awful and off based the reading was. The whole time he is talking to us, I am "seeing" an ancestor of his hanging out behind him. I believe it to have been his father or grandfather. The spirit made it known to me that my professor was a "chip of the old block". I wanted so much to share with my professor that he has a guide with him, wanted to make him a believer in psychic abilities. However, my friends and a few family members all assuerd me that I should keep my mouth shut. After all, he was in charge of my grade. Just recently  I had the opportunity to stop by his office with my daughter, who is also in college with me, and I got brave enough to bring up his" mini him", to which he told me to shut the door, and proceeded to tell us he knew who that was, that his family is gifted in the ways of being psychic and that he owns 5 sets of tarot cards! That really made my day! :)

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