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How Do YOU Put God In A Box?

Posted on February 4, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Religion is an interesting topic for me. How does one know what the true Spiritual path is? How do we know what religion is the truest religion? What word of God do we listen to?


As a Spiritual Leader, I did an experiment with my students once. I grabbed an object. I held it up and asked all my students to look at it. I then asked them to “imagine” that this object was God. I then asked them to all write down 3 things that they observed about God. When they were done, we categorized everyone into groups. those that noticed the object was blue in color were in one group. Those that noticed the object was circular in shape were placed in another group. etc. when we were finished we had groups of people that all agreed on what they noticed about God. We probably had about 4 or 5 groups.


I pointed out that this was how religion was created. and how each different sect of religion was created. The most important thing that I pointed out, was that even though we all had different perspectives on our object, they were all small parts of whole truth. they were all describing the same object.


In religion, There is God. You may see God as a male, a female, or maybe even a creature of some sort. does this make us all viewing a different God? are there multiple Gods? No. But we do, in our human minds, and limited abilities in our flesh form, define God by our perceptions of what we believe about God.


We have all heard the story of the man that invited God to Christmas dinner. 3 times the bell rang. 3 times he answered. 3 times he sent strangers with food, clothing, etc. Feeling abandoned, he asked God why he never came, only to be pointed out that God did indeed visit 3 times. God will choose to communicate with us in whatever shape or form God knows that we will recognize it to be God. God may show his form as Jesus, Buddha, Hecate, any name ever been given to God, he has a form that he will take, to ensure that those he communicates with, will recognize God, as God. God might not get very far to take the form of Jesus, to speak to a Buddhist. He may instead choose to take the form of Buddha, as this is the clearest way of communicating with this individual. He may choose the form of Mary to communicate with a Catholic.


God has all powers and glory of all things. more then we can ever humanly imagine. It saddens me to see different spiritual groups fighting over who is right and who is wrong. This is so not spiritual. I would like to see us all strive to know that God resigns in all religious beliefs, and to find the tolerance that Jesus taught, and the belief in the magick of the universe. To know that each person’s relationship is personal and unique. there is no wrong way. All roads lead to heaven.

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