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Another Year Older

Posted on July 22, 2015 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (3)

On July 20 1974 at 8:08 a.m, I was born in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Two days ago, I celebrated my 41st year of life on this planet. It might not be too far a stretch of the imagination to say that I have lived half of my life. I can only hope to be that lucky. I look back to my accomplishments my last 40 years. I have played a positive (and sometimes negative) role in many children's lives. Those I was blessed to know as step children from my multiple marriages. Those that I got to know from owning an in home day care for 10 years. Those that I adopted, legally and other wise. And those that I have given birth too. I began my motherly role at age 17. This year, all but one that live with me, will be atleast 18. I have raised 6 children. Those children / young adults are my biggest and best accomplishments. They are all unique and special. I am proud of all of them.

The thing about being a parent, once you become one, you no longer live life for yourself. You are all of a sudden put on the back shelf and these little precious life forms become more important then anything else in the world. Dreams get left behind.. Hopes scattered in the wind.. Only memories left of who you were before someone else depended on you. Often marriage plays a part in the old you being left behind.

I feel that now it is time for me to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I will always be a Mother. However, my years of being a "mommy" are almost done. I do not know when phase two will happen and I become a "Grandma", but I am not in any real big hurry.

My gifts to hear the other side. My abilities to do Tarot readings. My spiritual retreat weekends I wish to hold. These are what I hope to spend the next.... whatever amount of time I have left doing.  Time moves forward rather we do or not. Time has an uncanny way of sneaking away years without us even catching it.

I have a few personal things I wish to change about myself. I will lose weight. I will become as healthy as I can make myself. I will master my emotions. I will finish my Psychology / Sociology Degrees. I will help as many critters and humans as I can along the way. I will learn to be happy from within. I will accomplish my dreams.

For those of you who wondered why I did not have a birthday celebration this year like I did last year. This year was not a "milestone" year like the big 40 was. I celebrated my day with a healthy diet, a vigourous walk, time with family, and time to reflect what this year will be for me.

I know I have those of you that read my stuff, and keep up with me. I invite you to continue to read, post along the way. I love to hear comments and feed back.  Have a blessed life my friends!